Mandarin Chinese

Changes in society have positioned Mandarin Chinese as “the language of the future”.

More and more entrepreneurs and students choose to learn this language. The strengthening of commercial relations with China means that many people interested in improving their professional expectations see learning this language as an opportunity to make the great leap to the world of work.

This activity also allows our students to become familiar with one of the most ancient and fascinating cultures in the history of humanity.

The Macma Academy, which is specialized in the teaching of Mandarin Chinese, will be in charge of teaching this activity, being the academy that has achieved, among all the academies in Spain, the highest number of passages in the official YCT-HSK exam , the Confucius Institute.

Students who acquire the appropriate level affirmed by teachers, will be able to take the official exams. The teachers who impart this subject are all native Chinese, with specialized pedagogical training and use a teaching methods that alternate books and exercises, with audio-visual supports that present the language in a more attractive way.

  • Improves cognitive flexibility 100% 100%
  • Facilitates the opening of global mentality 60% 60%
  • Greater speed in word processing 85% 85%
  • Promoting international training or work development 75% 75%