Modern dance

In Modern Dance we will enjoy dancing different dance styles such as Funky, Hip-Hop...

The incorporation of dance as an educational element offers the opportunity to integrate the physical, intellectual and emotional planes of the student's development.

It is an activity that guarantees fun through music, rhythm and physical exercise, enhancing the coordination of movements and the expressiveness of the body, as well as the attention and concentration of the participants.


Initiate in the execution of the specific movements of each modality or type of dance.

To work on the type movements and rhythmic chaining necessary to execute the choreographed dances.

We work with different choreographies, individual and ensemble, varying them frequently to achieve a more enjoyable teaching.

  • Promotes teamwork, companionship, generosity and solidarity. 100% 100%
  • Helps develop concentration, speed, confidence or balance 60% 60%
  • Acquire basic motor skills 80% 80%
  • Learning the different steps and movements characteristic of the different types of dances 70% 70%
  • To develop rhythm perception and musical sensitivity. 100% 100%