It is oriented so that each day of class a project is carried out and depending on the ages we work with different programs.

The classes are workshops with a practical exercise, experimenting and playing with autonomy. Programming enhances creativity and the logical mind by using mathematical concepts in a practical way.

In the initial groups, up to 4th grade of primary school, we work on the basis of 2D video game programming and robotics initiation. With older students, we continue programming 3D video games, security concepts and internet prevention. They are also introduced to web development: blogs and HTML. Robotics with LEGO MINDSTORM and creation of APPS for Android and Apple.

  • Promotes teamwork, companionship, generosity and solidarity. 100% 100%
  • Helps the development of concentration, speed and confidence 75% 75%
  • Training or job development support 85% 85%