The consolidated, dynamic and experienced team of teachers is, above all, a group of teachers with a great vocation and in constant training. This dedication makes the student-teacher relationship dynamic and close.

All this in a climate of well-founded values, among which respect, solidarity, tolerance and personal responsibility stand out.

The commitment to maintaining a small number of students per class allows for a personalized approach.


During the primary school stage, private education at Logos School is bilingual, in English and Spanish.

Linguistic immersion has proven to be the most effective and natural way of learning. The bilingual program was implemented at the Center in 1984, which is why we are pioneers in this aspect.

  • The organization of time and space is fundamental in a project of this type (more teaching hours are given than those required by the official school calendar).
  • In Primary School the students have two classrooms, one for Spanish and the other for English. We understand that the environment that surrounds them should not have interference between the two languages and therefore it is the students who change classrooms and teachers taking into account the language in which they work.
  • We respect the learning pace of each student and their educational needs, offering open activities with progressive difficulty.
  • We encourage peer learning, the discovery and sharing of learning strategies and the promotion of cooperative work.
  • In these schools, different areas are taught. In Primary Education the areas of Spanish Language, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Religion are taught in Spanish, while Natural Sciences, Computer Science, English Language, Plastic Expression-Dramatization and Physical Education are taught in English.
  • Students at this stage can take the external Cambridge University Starters, Movers, Flyers and Ket exams at the school.

Educate in English, an indispensable element for life and work in the global world.

Contrasted techniques and formulas are combined according to the age of the students. Learning has a significant basis with multiple resources, both human and material (visual, auditory and manipulative).

The classrooms are equipped with the most modern resources in the educational panorama, computers, iPads, digital whiteboards on which the contents of external programs and specific applications for the corresponding course are displayed.

The subjects taught follow the table below:


Spanish Areas

English Areas
Spanish Language Social Sciences
Mathematics Natural Sciences
Religion / Social and civic values English Language
Physical Education Art Education


Tutoring is one of the basic pillars on which the center's methodology is based.


  • Coordinate relationships between teachers and students.
  • They promote integration, interests and group activities.
  • They guide students in their intellectual growth and maturation process and monitor their academic performance.
  • They devote special attention to the personal and professional orientation of their students.
  • In direct contact with families, they inform parents about their children's situation and seek, together with them, the best solutions to personal and academic problems.

Plans implemented:

  • Weekly English conversation practice, with a maximum of 10 students per group.
  • Weekly practices in the science laboratories.
  • Internships in the computer technology laboratory.
  • Audiovisual, Theater, Painting and Music Workshops.
  • Encouragement of reading and free or directed writing as well as artistic expression from an early age.
  • Weekly work with iPads in the classroom