After the Infant stage, at the Logos Nursery School campus, our students continue their education at the Molino de la Hoz Campus. The distribution of the school in different buildings allows the children to adapt to their new environment.

El Ruedo

In the first year of Primary they develop all their activities in "El ruedo", a completely independent building that will help them develop their autonomy in a space designed by and for the youngest children of the "older school". Both the outdoor facilities and the dining room are exclusively for their use, adapted in shape and size to facilitate access and use.

The Gallery

As they are growing, the 2nd grade students will continue in a separate building next to the older ones: La Galería. They also have their own patio and an exclusive area within the "older" dining room.

Central building

The rest of the educational stages are established in the central building distributed in three floors with more than 3.000m2 built. Distributed in different spaces adapted to each stage or activity. All surrounded by a natural environment far from pollution. With more than 6,000 m2 of sports facilities with tennis courts, paddle tennis, volleyball, basketball... as well as garden and recreational areas.


For the older students of the center we have created an exclusive area with open and collaborative spaces creating an environment of discipline and concentration adapted to the new learning methods.


At Logos International School, we have laboratories equipped with the latest technology, for our students to perform experiments from 2nd grade, we have Science lab, Biology lab, Physical lab and Technology lab.

Main Hall

It is a space that we have created so that our students get used to working in open spaces, which is what they will find when they leave school and arrive at the university or a job.

Project presentation room

This is the room where our students practice public speaking from an early age, so that they are able to make any type of presentation in front of any audience.


They are double classrooms, for when the groups are very small or for reinforcement or support classes.

Geodesic dome greenhouse orchard

We have two gardens at the school, one for primary students and one for secondary students.

El Ruedo bears the seal of new educational spaces where creativity and educational innovation go hand in hand. Logos takes care of the details.

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