Dining room

School menu

Here you can view or download this month's menu.

Here you can view or download the menu for "los peques" at Logos Nursery School.

Our facilities include our own kitchen and two dining rooms divided by stages.

The menus are prepared daily in our kitchen and are supervised by a nutritionist. The menus are prepared in a balanced way to create healthy eating habits and hygiene of our students.

We also adjust the food of our students to each of the individual needs that arise: Celiac, allergies, intolerances...


"We pay special attention to healthy education."


The dining room in the arena is for the exclusive use of 1st grade students and has been adapted in shape and size to facilitate its access and use.

The dining room of the central building is divided into two areas, one exclusively for elementary school students and the other for middle and high school students.



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