Academic Excellence

Academic excellence is the result of the high quality standards of schools like Logos International School, which elevates students' potential and helps them achieve their goals.

At Logos, we have been celebrating academic excellence for more than 40 years. And we do not say so ourselves, but the results obtained in external tests confirm it. As can be seen in the graphs, the grades of Logos International School students in the external evaluation carried out by the CAM (Community of Madrid) are well above the average for the community, represented by the blue vertical bar.

Evaluation 3rd Grade Primary

The external evaluation carried out by the Community of Madrid on an individual basis to all students in 3rd and 6th grade of Primary Education began in 2016.

These tests are conducted in all educational centers of the CAM, in application of the Organic Law 8/2013 for the Improvement of Educational Quality.

The purpose is to obtain information on the degree of mastery of the different competencies, which serves as guidance for families, schools and the Regional Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.
Logos International School's 3rd grade students have reached the highest level (Level 6) in linguistic communication in English and Spanish. As for mathematics proficiency, they are just a few points away from the same level, ahead of the community average (Level 4).

Evaluation 6th grade of Primary School

Logos International School's 6th grade students obtained Level 5 in linguistic communication in English, mathematics and science and technology, while in linguistic communication in Spanish, they reached Level 4. While in linguistic communication in Spanish, they have reached Level 4. All results ahead of the average of the CAM.

4th of ESO

Logos' 4th ESO students have also surpassed the average grade of the community. They have achieved the highest level in English, Level 5 in academic mathematics and linguistic communication in Spanish; while, in social and civic competence, they have obtained Level 4.

The Final Evaluation Test of Secondary Education is also a census test for students in the 4th year of ESO in all the centers of the Community of Madrid. Like the evaluations of Primary Education, it has a diagnostic purpose; the objective is to verify the degree of acquisition of the different competencies.

100 % pass rate in the EvAU

The acronym EvAU refers to the Evaluation for University Access, popularly known as selectividad.

In Logos International School we have achieved, one more year, a 100% pass rate in the EvAU. Moreover, with an outstanding result. In the 2019/2020 exam, our students obtained an average grade of 8.14 out of 10.
Congratulations to the entire Logos family!

100% pass rate in IB Diploma

All of our students have obtained the International Baccalaureate diploma with an average score of 33.5 points, three points above the world average.
Congratulations to the entire team of IB teachers, the families and all the Diploma students. Special mention to José
Urruticoechea for his 41 points.