Who we are

History of Logos International School

We are a bilingual, private, co-educational Spanish school in Las Rozas de Madrid from early childhood through university.

It all began in the early days of October 1975. While Spain was moving towards a democratic transition, Logos School, then called El Molino, began to offer an avant-garde, liberal and personalized education in a privileged natural environment in the mountains of Madrid. Open, transparent, luminous, with ample spaces for teaching, recreation and sports, it was a place where students could learn academically and humanly in harmony with the native flora and fauna.

From that early LOGOS, which was to be consolidated after various vicissitudes, there remains, in addition to its educational model, an architectural structure that was praised for its integration into the semi-serrano landscape and its functionality. The architecture was as striking as it was versatile, conceived to provide ample and diaphanous spaces for the students. A student body that, on the other hand, receives a liberal and generous education from a combination of teachers from multiple backgrounds, united by rigor and excellence.

The multi-purpose room, nowadays an assembly hall used for cultural activities, but also for religious activities (within the non-denominational nature of the center), are just one example of our versatility.

The same is true of the geographical origin of the center's teaching staff, a model of academic integration. Spain, of course, England, Scotland, the United States, Ireland, France, Poland and Pakistan are some of the countries that have been forming the teaching pool of LOGOS throughout its history.

As a center that has always been concerned with cultural expansion, our foreign courses have been projected to other countries.

Countries such as Ireland, United Kingdom, United States (New York, Vermont), Canada, Mexico, with study trips in Spain or to Greece or, annually, Italy.

And we are proud that this personal commitment, which has lasted almost 40 years, has trained many outstanding professionals in all spheres who started here.

Prestigious businessmen, architects, doctors, scientists and lawyers took their first academic steps in our classrooms, under the tutelage of professors who gave their all in a silent but invaluable work. Some of those who were here in those distant days of October 1975, continue today to train these generations of the future. As close as ever to where the Guadarrama River becomes a reservoir, where back in 1989 the cormorants began to come, following almost exactly in their migratory habits the school year.

Since then, the symbol of LOGOS, a private school that has made bilingualism reason, feeling and practice.

Ideology of Logos International School


Logos International School is a private integrated school that offers Pre-school, Primary, Secondary, Baccalaureate and International Baccalaureate in Las Rozas de Madrid.

We offer parents and students an integral education in a climate of freedom, respect, solidarity and personal responsibility. The Center is responsible for ensuring that teachers, non-teaching staff and students develop the educational project as specified in the ideology.

In this way we guarantee the fulfillment of the commitment made to parents and students to provide the type of education they have chosen by entrusting their education to Logos International School.

For LOGOS, academic training is just as important as human, spiritual, civic and sports development.


In order to guarantee that the educational action is effective, we consider the harmony between the education that the students receive in their families and that which is imparted at school to be crucial. This close family-teacher collaboration, which we encourage at Logos, is fundamental to unite and complement educational criteria.

The teachings given at Logos School follow the development and contents of the current legislation. A basic and fundamental characteristic is the individualized teaching, for which the student has at his disposal a special system of tutorials.

The primary responsibility for education rests with the parents, who freely choose the type of education expressed in this charter when applying for a place at Logos International School.

We offer an education based on a series of preferential values such as the spirit of work, the development of personal criteria and responsible use of things. We emphasize the promotion of each student's personal aptitudes, sincerity, solidarity and the cultivation of other social and civic virtues, preparing our students to act responsibly and freely in a spirit of service to others.

It is this conjunction between scientific-cultural training and human, spiritual, civic and sports development that will mark the student's agenda, combining academic teachings with timely training activities.

The Anglo-Saxon language and culture are also among our main educational objectives. At Logos International School we teach bilingual education (Spanish-English) at the Infant and Primary levels, and we are also an Official Examination Center for the University of Cambridge.

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