Bilingual Program

As a private school we have developed our own bilingual program, implemented in the school since 1984, being pioneers in this aspect in the Spanish educational system.

Aware of the current importance in the field of languages, we have expanded our program to multilingual, offering French, German and Chinese classes at the school.

"Own bilingual program since 1984".

The English Department is responsible for providing bilingual instruction in English and Spanish from Nursery to the end of Primary School.

In the higher courses and in order to obtain a more effective and personalized learning of the language, students attend daily English classes in small groups according to their level of knowledge.


The eagerness to ensure that our students become proficient in the different foreign languages taught at different levels has led us to the initiatives taken by the school. More specifically by the Language Department, to expose them to situations of linguistic immersion. These programs offer the possibility of learning outside the classroom, introducing them to the real world and anticipating the reality that awaits them.

To this end, agreements have been established with a number of colleges in the United Kingdom and Canadain which different types of programs can be carried out:


Starting in 6th grade, our students have the opportunity to study for a term or even a full academic year in schools in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada or Ireland.

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The follow-up of the students is intensive during their stay abroad. As well as the coordination between the different departments, channeled through Idiomas, the children are able to return to their classes in a progressive and non-traumatic way.


During the summer, at Harrow House International College, in Swanage (UK). We believe that this is an excellent opportunity for them to approach the second language in a more playful and relaxed way, enjoying the culture of the country. At Harrow House there are three weeks of immersion. During this time we want our students to enjoy a native and new environment in which language learning and fun among classmates are combined.


This type of trip allows them to get to know a new culture, discover different ideas that open their minds, they are offered opportunities hitherto impossible, they make new friends, and, of course, they learn English in a fun and natural way. The exchanges take place with families from Germany, France and the United States.


Our students take the official exams in the official centers of each language taught at the school:


Logos International Private School is an Official Examination Centre for the University of Cambridge Examinations.

From 2nd grade onwards, students can take these tests at the school: Starters, Movers, Flyers-Young Learners, KET, PET, FCE, KAE and Proficiency.

The preparation for these exams is done naturally and is included in the programs of all stages. For those students who need reinforcement, the school organizes specific preparation courses for the First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency exams.


For students taking French classes.


Official YCT-HSK exam for students taking Chinese classes.


For students taking German classes.

"Between 95% and 100% pass rate in Cambridge exams ."