Rhythmic Gymnastics

The Rhythmic Gymnastics School is focused on the initiation and improvement of this sport with exercises in which different apparatuses will be used: rope, ball, clubs, hoop and ribbon, combining elements of ballet, gymnastics and dance.

Through the practice of this activity, the development of physical qualities such as balance, coordination, flexibility, rhythm... is enhanced, thus giving elegance and plasticity to the movements.

The classes are organized according to the age and level of the students, so that the contents and activities will be more playful or specific depending on the age. In this discipline, there are both competitions and exhibitions in which the gymnast is accompanied by music to keep a rhythm in her movements. Two modalities can be distinguished: individual and ensembles.

  • Promotes teamwork, companionship, generosity and solidarity. 100% 100%
  • Helps develop concentration, speed, confidence or balance 60% 60%
  • Increases children's physical endurance 100% 100%