As we have already stated on other occasions, four fundamental pillars underpin Logos International School: innovation, values Logos International School: innovation, training in values, languages and sportsmanship. and sportsmanship. On this occasion, we are going to focus on children's sports at the school.

Sports education is not only one of our pillars, it is also a differentiating factor at Logos. is not only one of our pillars, but also a differentiating factor for Logos. The sport promotes values such as companionship, respect and effort, which we work on in the different areas of the center. In addition, it stimulates socialization and the correct physical and mental development.

Benefits of children's sports

Several studies show that starting to play sports in childhood is synonymous with avoiding is synonymous with avoiding problems later in life, as it helps problems later on, as it helps them to be more sociable, promotes the acquisition of habits and is the perfect habits and is the perfect channeling of the large amount of energy they have at that age. energy they have at that age. But the benefits do not end here:

  • The sport teaches you to follow rules.
  • In the case In the case of shy children, it helps them overcome shyness.
  • It is an excellent way to channel impulses and emotions.
  • Encourages collaboration, teamwork and responsibility.
  • Stimulates academic performance and improves self-esteem. self-esteem.
  • Prevents diseases such as childhood obesity and helps to maintain an ideal weight. maintain the ideal weight.
  • Promotes muscle and bone growth.
  • Improves coordination and motor skills.

Sports facilities in Logos

At Logos International School we have more than 6,000 m2 of sports facilities, consisting of basketball courts, tennis courts, paddle tennis, volleyball, soccer fields, and a long etcetera, so that the students of the the students of the school can practice these sports and many more; from swimming to judo, fencing, ballet or rhythmic gymnastics.

Why do we offer such a wide variety of possibilities? Because sometimes, due to lack of time or options, parents do not pay attention to what our children are asking for. our children, who are usually attracted to a particular sport. And at Logos, we don't we don't want our students to feel obligated to exercise, but rather that they choose the choose the discipline they like best and enjoy playing sports with their classmates. practice sports together with their classmates.

Thus, sports education, together with the promotion of healthy lifestyles, make our center the healthy lifestyle habits, make our center the ideal place to educate healthy children.