When learning languages, ideally, the process should be exactly the same as with the mother tongue. mother tongue. That is to say, the phases of listening understanding, speaking and reading from the moment our child is born and during those early years of during those first years of life in which he or she acquires the language.

At the infant stage, children's brains are like a "sponge", they are ready to acquire any language. are like a "sponge", they are ready to acquire any language, so it is imperative to start with the second language as soon as possible. it is essential to start with the second language as soon as possible. They It will be easier for them at this stage of their lives, thanks to the auditory plasticity, which according to plasticity, which, according to various research studies, is reduced from around the age of 12 onwards. approximately.

In addition to improved linguistic and attentional improvement, cognitive benefits and improved academic academic performance, learning languages from an early from an early age helps to open the mind, be more tolerant and develop creativity. develop creativity.

For all these reasons, at Logos Nursery School reasons, at Logos Nursery School we offer a complete immersion in English from the age of 3 years old.

Complete language immersion at Logos Nursery School

What does it mean full linguistic immersion? It means that we incorporate English into the English into the Infant school day, being the only language language that the students listen to at all times. The results are the children try to reproduce the words used by the teachers and manage to acquire the basic structure of this new the basic structure of this new language in record time. record time.

Being in a monolingual monolingual environment, it is essential that the use of English be extended not only to the classroom, but also to the playground and the not only in the classroom, but also in the playground and lunchroom, thus incorporating the process in a natural process in a natural way.

Our bilingual Our bilingual program is based on training through linguistic immersion, daily practice and play, the ideal and play, the ideal field for acquiring new knowledge at an early age. at an early age. Stories and songs stories and songs combine comprehension, written expression, reading comprehension and participation. reading comprehension and participation.

Teachers, the driving force behind our bilingual program

Another aspect to of full immersion in English at our center is the potential of our human resources. of our human resources. We have specialized teams by age groups, with extensive experience and a great vocation for teaching.

Tutors, native teachers and assistants classroom managers, form a team that works together with the specialists who manage the rest of the activities, in order to activities, to achieve a global bilingual project.

The objective of our language learning program for children our language learning program for children is for our students to reach a bilingual level, that is to say, advanced advanced knowledge of two languages, as well as their frequent and indistinct use.