Dining Room


Both Logos Nursery School and Logos International offer meals cooked on the premises in the schools’ kitchens and served in two sittings in spacious dining rooms.

Chef and kitchen staff prepare daily menus which are supervised by a nutritionist. The menus prepared are balanced and complete to encourage pupils and students to acquire healthy habits regarding food and hygiene.

Special measures and adjustments are made for children who need a different diet, such as gluten free, allergies and intolerance to certain foods.


Special attention is given to health education”


El Ruedo, area separated for 1st year primary students, has its own dining room, adapted in form and size for 6 years old’s, with easy accessibility and use.

The dining-room of the central building is divided in two zones, one exclusively for primary pupils, the other secondary and baccalaureate students.


School menu

Here you can see or download the menu this month.

Here you can see or download the “kids” menu at Logos Nursery School.