After the Infant stage at Logos Nursery School campus, students continue their training at Logos International Campus, located in Molino de la Hoz. The distribution of different buildings allows the new arrivals to adapt comfortably to their new surroundings.

The "Ruedo".

El Ruedo: an exclusive building that facilitates the adaptation "to the big school" of our newly graduated children

Regarding the enormous change from Nursery School to Logos International, we keep in mind that the necessary adjustments that will help the student when settling in.

The Ruedo bears the stamp of the new educational spaces where creativity and innovation go hand in hand.

All activity of first year primary pupils takes place in "El Ruedo", a completely independent building designed especially for our youngest pupils to help them develop their own autonomy. Classrooms, dining-room and outdoor facilities are adapted in shape and size to facilitate access and are for their exclusive use.

The Gallery

As our young pupils grow and advance to 2nd year primary they continue in an independent building-The Gallery. Here they also have their own playground and an exclusive area in the dining-room, separated from older pupils.

Main building

The consecutive courses from 3rd year primary to 4th year secondary take place in the main building. Distributed in three floors and covering an area of over 3000 m2, different spaces are adapted for each stage and activity. Surrounded by a natural, pollution free environment and more than 6,000 m2 of sports facilities where you will find tennis and padel courts, volleyball, basketball and football pitches as well as landscaped and recreational areas.


For our most senior students, an exclusive area has been created with open and collaborative spaces, creating an environment of discipline and concentration adapted to the new learning methods.

Logos International School could be defined as a traditionally- modern school that aspires to be in continuous evolution and committed to the modern world we live in. Teachers here at Logos are in constant training and implement new ways and methods of working in the classroom based on the reality of our students.

Set in an environment of established values amongst which stand out respect, solidarity, tolerance and personal responsibility.


El Ruedo bears the hallmark of new educational spaces where creativity and educational innovation go hand in hand.


When regarding the change from Nursery School to Logos International School, the necessity that children should have their own playground, classrooms and dining-room environment, in both 1st and 2nd grade of primary school, has been taken into account.

Establishing these privileged areas within the school's grounds helps young pupils to adapt to this new stage in a calm, steady and balanced way in congenial to their personal development.


The transition to primary school is an extension of the projects and learning methods worked on at Nursery School, presented within a climate of values that emphasize respect, solidarity, tolerance and personal responsibility.

Student-teacher-family communication continues to be dynamic and close, as it also is with all of our students' families, where a team of experienced, consolidated, dynamic teachers, with notable vocational spirit will assist pupils and families in every way.


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