Psychology & Guidance Department

Logos International School offers a multidiscipline psychological – guidance cabinet compiled of qualified, experienced professionals. Psychologists who are in continuous coordination with tutors and teachers, supervised by technical directors and whose department carries out interventions aimed at preventing difficulties and diagnosing individual needs. With the implantation of specific programs to reinforce and support class work, by giving extension of curriculum requirements and help with the handling of everyday school life through emotive programs, this department is a pillar of our system.

Within the framework of attention to educational diversity and our policy of individualized teaching, this department carries out:

  • Diagnosis of difficulties,
  • Individual analysis through tests and psycho-diagnostic techniques
  • Advice for future professions
  • Formulation of written reports
  • Advice and counsel for parents and teachers



Through carefully chosen test and other techniques the difficulties of each student are analyzed and evaluated. Once completed, a psycho-pedagogic report is prepared and submitted to parents and teachers.



Once confirmed any educational needs, the student will require the monitoring of adopted measures and coordination of all professional and necessary aids (Educational Orientation Teams EOEPS of the CAM or other external offices).



Through individual and group activities integral development support for intellectual, social and emotional needs are promoted. Also the creation and commissioning for teacher’s training programs are assigned to help in the everyday classroom routine.



Concern for special learning needs during the different stages of schooling, holds a great interest and importance for us.

High Intellectual Abilities

Students with needs derived from intellectual high-capacity work on Curricular Extension, Learning Flexibility, and Enrichment programs in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (CAM), following programs that allow a deeper study of topics of personal interest.

We also encourage these students to take part in the SICO program, academic Olympics and other activities here at school, measures that contribute to intellectual stimulation while maintaining motivation and curiosity for learning. These projects, once completed, can be presented and shared with their classmates.

On the other hand, we do not forget the socio-emotional aspects in their education, looking for harmonic development and well-being.

Here you can see the Logos International High Capacity Program

Additional Needs

Preparation of methodological and /or curricular programs for the recovery of basic skills i.e. dyslexia, ADT, ADTH, SLD, NVLT, etc…are created, which provide continuous counselling and emotional support while working on development programs for social-skills, self- esteem and intellectual high-capacity.

Programme INLOGOS: High Intellectual Abilities

There are certain groups of people that need special support for their educational and personal integration, especially in the stages of childhood and adolescence. Within the commitment of attention to diversity, directed from the department of orientation of the school, we have put in progress a series of specific programmes for both High Capacity students and students with additional needs.

For this reason, at Logos International, we work with a specific programme “INLOGOS” that allows us, in this case, to accompany our students with High Intellectual Abilities.



Throughout the school year Logos International offers the possibility of intensive programs presented by external professional teams, in which parents can follow the program “+ family” and debates on educational topics that favour personal well-being.

Parallel to this, Logos International has introduced the program “protegiendote” with the aim of dealing with certain aspects connected to emotional control, social interaction skills, problem-solving and decision taking as well as cognitive development of positive attitudes towards health.

RULER, a method for emotional education, also offers workshops for families. For this reason, the guidance department offers formative initiatives and workshops for parents throughout all the academic year, with the purpose of making known the work done by students and the tools they use to learn in class, as well as creating a space where experiences can be shared.



In the Program of Professional Counselling, different activities are prepared by our team aimed at developing a better knowledge of oneself and one’s likes, offering information to students in different professional areas while promoting a conscientious decision.

From 3rd year Secondary to 2nd year Baccalaureate students carry out tests to detect their interests and preferences for future professional choices. They will also attend Student Advice Workshops in Las Rozas.

Also, informative conferences are organized in public and private universities, presenting students with possible study and professional options for their future. These activities are imparted by university professors and professionals from diverse sectors who, at the same time, are linked to the academic world.



Through the Guidance Department, the process of admission for students who are interested in the program (IB), consists in taking a series of admission tests to evaluate aptitudes and interests.