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Our History

Somos un colegio bilingüe, privado y mixto de sistema de educación español desde los primeros meses hasta la Universidad.



It all began in early October 1975. While Spain was moving towards a democratic transition Colegio Logos, then called Colegio El Molino, began its expansion.  Set in a privileged natural environment at the base of Madrid’s mountain chain, La Sierra de Guadarrama,  Colegio Logos was already developing a more modern approach to education. With its spacious grounds for sports facilities and playgrounds, a place where liberal and personalized academic formation and humanity could be guaranteed in harmony with its surroundings.



From that early Logos, which would consolidate through the vagaries of fortune, besides its educational model, it also sustained an architectonic style that procured praise for its integration with the landscape and for its functionality. Architecture as striking as versatile, conceived to provide an ample, luminous space for its pupils, which receive a liberal education from a generous team of teachers joined by its rigor and excellence.



Our assembly hall designed for cultural and religious activities is just one example of our versatility. Another is the amount of teachers from different countries that have formed part of our cosmopolitan team, enhancing and adding to our development.

Como también lo es la procedencia geográfica del profesorado del centro, modelo de integración académica. España, por supuesto, Inglaterra, Escocia, Estados Unidos, Irlanda, Francia, Polonia y Pakistán son algunos de los países que han venido formando a lo largo de su historia la cantera docente de LOGOS.



As a centre that has always been concerned for cultural expansion, Logos has propelled foreign studies in numerous countries, some of which include The U.K, USA, Canada, France, and Germany and school trips in Spain, Italy and Greece. We are very proud of this personal challenge that began almost 40 years ago and which has formed many notable professionals in different fields.



Architects, doctors, lawyers, economists and many others, took their first educational-steps in our classrooms, tutored by dedicated professionals some of which continue today with their valuable knowledge and experience, forming future generations.

Logos, a school which has made bilingualism a reason, a sentiment, a custom a policy.


Ideario de Logos International School


Logos International School es colegio integrado de carácter privado que imparte Educación Infantil, Primaria, Secundaria, Bachillerato y Bachillerato Internacional, de acuerdo con los principios que se resumen en nuestro Ideario. En él proponemos a los padres y alumnos una educación integral en un clima de libertad, respeto, solidaridad y responsabilidad personal. El Centro es el encargado de velar para que profesores, personal no docente y alumnos desarrollen el proyecto educativo tal y cómo se precisa en el ideario. De esta manera garantizamos el cumplimiento del compromiso adquirido ante padres y alumnos de proporcionar el tipo de educación que han escogido al confiar su educación a Logos International School.


Academic formation, human, spiritual and civic development and sports are likewise equally important for us at Logos.





So as to guarantee our educational aims efficiently, we believe that harmony and goodwill between family and school is essential.  This close relationship, which Logos encourages, is indispensable for the union of criteria when dealing with the students’ formation.

The teaching bestowed at Logos School follows the development and content of the current legislation, a basic characteristic, fundamental in individualized teaching, for which students have at their disposition a system of special tutorials.

The primordial responsibility in a child’s education corresponds to his/her parents that freely choose the type of education expressed in this ideology when applying for admission to Logos international school.



The education we offer is based on a series of values such as working spirit, development of personal criteria and a responsible use of all material. We emphasize on the personal aptitudes of each student, on sincerity and instill other social and civic virtues, with the aim of preparing our students to act responsibly and with free spirit to the service of others. In a consolidation between scientific and cultural formation and personal human development, which will mark the agenda of each student while combining academic teaching and timely training activities.

The Anglo-Saxon language and culture are also an important, priority objective in our formation. At Logos International School we impart bilingual education Spanish-English in infants and primary classes and we are also an Official Centre of Examination for Cambridge University language exams.


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