At this stage of Secondary School students are active and proactive in teaching, so in Logos International School we have created innovative spaces that help them improve attention, participation and efficiencyAlways captained by a team of highly qualified teachers involved in the project.

All this in an environment of established values among which stand out respect, solidarity, tolerance and personal responsibility.


The commitment to maintain a number of no more than 20 students per class enables us to achieve a more personalized teaching and relationship with our students..






Our educational scheme is based on four pillars being for the ESO stage as follows:


  • We use a more flexible methodology where the “traditional” master classes are reduced and become true collaborative environments in which, unlike the master class, the leading roles are taken on by the students.
  • It is a cooperative method between students and teachers in which the teacher act as a coach or guide presenting students the most appropriate tools for their learning.
  • The use of technology is fully implemented in all subjects, becoming a fundamental tool on a day to day basis. All   our classrooms are equipped with digital slate (PDI) with can access to a multitude of programs and educational tools within the industry.




Everything that excites is learned and if it is in several languages, all the better.




What do we achieve from this method?


Acquire a more universal mentality, more demanding and with an important measure of research that will make easier immersion in later educational stages such as the Baccalaureate.




  • Also holds an important role as he acts as a coach and by being the student’s main guide.
  • Very professional and dedicated teachers with a high didactic and methodological preparation, able to face any changes that may come with the education of the future.

Together with the incomparable setting in which our facilities are located:


Becomes a true interactive environment, endowed with networks of interaction and attractive conversion towards the needs of the current times that the actual education system proposes.